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Hello guys, having a lazy Saturday afternoon so far? You're not the only one (wink)...
And since the hubby is off to shoot a client's wedding today, I thought I'd spend this rainy afternoon cozied up on the couch watching my latest favorite TV series: Revenge. 

For those of you stylish girls who followed through Blair and Serena's high school/college drama that overflowed with just as much summer flings as their stunning outfits and designer bags, I am sure Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson will keep you at the edge of your seats just as much as the Gossip Girl did. Man, their deepest, darkest secrets can fill up an entire walk-in closet just as much as their effortlessly chic and stunning outfits can! I'm well on my way through the first season and already I've had so many style inspirations from Emily, Victoria and even the lowly assistant Ashley. 

So, I'll get back to my Season 1, Episode 17 for now, and leave you guys to enjoy the rest of the weekend ahead. Have fun, guys!

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revenge stills, fashionable tv series, emily thorne, daniel grayson, style inspiration
revenge stills, fashionable tv series, victoria grayson, style inspiration
revenge stills, fashionable tv series, style inspiration, emily thorne, daniel grayson, ashley davenport

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