Giving in to the Skater Skirt

mind museum, fort bonifacio

It's so nice to see that sunny clouds are back once more over Manila...and so is the heat. And once again, jackets and umbrellas are back in the closet and breezy outfits are out.
. Which is why I finally gave in to my month-long debate of wearing a skater skirt or not. 

I've been seeing so many teenagers in skater skirts that I was hesitant to wear one at first...knowing I'd full well fit into that age group once I wore one. But then I realized it's the weekend. And while I wouldn't want my patients to think I look like a sixteen-year-old on any given work day, weekends are the exception. Weekends are my "Wear Anything I Want" time. Besides, this skater skirt was so soft and comfy it would've been a mistake not to wear it on a hot Sunday afternoon! =)

Happy Monday guys! 

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stripes, zara, skater skirt, H&M
skater skirt, H&M, stripes

Photos by Troy Monsod


I was wearing:

Zara striped shirt
H & M skirt
Tory Burch flats
Coach bag

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