Maxis, Wooden Swings and Summer Blooms

floral maxi, wooden swing

And there it was: the wooden swing of my dreams.

As a child, my sister and I used to dream of a front porch swing grazing our dreamhouse. And when my husband and I visited Ayanna in Rizal a few months back, I remembered that when I laid my eyes on this piece of wood hanging from a huge old tree in the middle of the nowhere. 
It was far from the looks of a porch swing, but it was romantic, peaceful quiet. Simply put, it was beautiful. 

Maybe someday, I'll get to spend my mornings on a swing like this one when I finally get to have that dreamhouse I've always wanted. Dream big, right. Nothing wrong with that.

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floral, knuckle rings, wooden bangles
floral maxi, wooden swing, forever 21 wedges
floral, wooden bangles, knuckle rings
floral maxi, wooden swing
floral maxi

Photos by Troy Monsod


I was wearing:

the Ramp maxi dress
Forever 21 heels
Pop Culture wooden bangles
Forever 21 knuckle rings

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