Just one of them lazy Mondays

In a delightful way, it's kind of nice to be just lounging around in your loft while the rest of the world get back on their busy schedule at the start of the week. Don't you just love it when you can extend your weekend to one more day? It's one thing to be having your own time going around pampering yourself at the spa, salon or the shopping mall. But it's another thing entirely, when you have the whole day to just literally sit around the house and do whatever you like, or better yet, nothing. Ah, precious moments they are--something city girls rarely get. 

So what do you do when you get Mondays off? Let me know, and you guys have a wonderful Monday, wherever you are! 

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Photos by Troy Monsod


I was wearing:

Forever 21 tank top
Forever 21 shoes 
Forever 21 knuckle rings 
Gold leaf bracelet from Eastwood bazaar

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