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I may be right in thinking that it's hard to find a girl like me. 
I mean, a girl like me who sits in front of a computer browsing the internet almost her entire waking hours and NOT feel the addiction to online shopping. One of the reasons being, I am scared of credit cards--but let's not go there. After all, my blogpost is about my own experience with online shopping. 
(Or is there such as word as online window-shopping? Maybe I could put myself in that definition. Since I do shop online a few times, but I rarely follow through them.)

 So let me share with you in this blogpost the list I've come up from the rare times that I browse 
the Internet for things to buy. I was able to scratch the top 1 off my list and it's that cute flower wreath sitting on my head right there. Cute, huh? It actually looked so much like the online photo it almost convinced me to shop online more often. The links are, actually, for my benefit: in case I decide to try out online shopping again. 

Enjoy guys! away!

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1. Flower wreath (Php350, Facebook). I couldn't find any other use for this cute little thing, except for photoshoots that my husband and I enjoy doing every now and then. I love that the flowers are just small buds and not the kind with huge petals that make me look like i have cotton candy atop my head. 

2. Evil eye bracelet (Php667.67, Etsy). I treat and operate on the eye for a living, so I do find it relevant to my daily life. I first saw this design from one of The Blonde Salad's Instagram photos, and ever since I've been on the hunt for something like this. 

3. Infinity knuckle ring ($12.99, Amazon).  

4. Kate Spade iPhone 4 case ($7.75, Amazon)

5. Infinity bracelet (Php667.67, Etsy). Goes perfectly with the evil eye bracelet. 

6. Mystic falsies ($9.87, False Eyelashes Site). I love the ones that have longer lashes on the outer edges.

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