Reminiscing: Starbucks Bali

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I'm happy to let you guys know that tomorrow is yet another special Friday for my husband and I--
it's going to be our Eighth Year Anniversary! Wow, I'm so excited for what the two of us are planning for this year's anniversary celebration because it's something we have never done before. I'll be so happy to share with guys what we have planned out for, but you'll have to be on your toes until Monday next week.

For now, let me share these photos that my cousin-in-law Tracy shot 
at Starbucks during our fun-filled vacation in Bali last May. As you can see from these photos and some of our pre-nuptial photos (here), Starbucks has always had a special place in our hearts. We actually met in Starbucks, and then seven years later, my husband made his wedding proposal there, amidst our friends (and the other people who happened to be there!). Talk about romantic and unexpected! Still sends shivers of excitement down my spine whenever I think of that night.

So will keep you posted guys! Till next Monday! 

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Photos by Troy Monsod and Tracy Monsod


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