Wrap me up in Red

As it was, I had a very limited choice of red outfits in my wardrobe, and I wondered til the last minute what I could possibly wear on Valentine's day. Given my busy study schedule, I knew doing last minute shopping was just impossible. So you can probably imagine the smile that lit up my face when I discovered that I did have something red and decent in my wardrobe: a wrap dress!
I knew it was just perfect for the occasion: it was simple and classy. Not too dressy, since my husband and I went for just a casual (but awesome!) Japanese restaurant to celebrate this year's Valentine's day. 
Hope you enjoy these shots! Most of the pictures were taken from my iPhone, though. 
Let me know your thoughts about it! 

Photos: Troy & Jessica M.


Zara wrap-around dress
Zara studded heels 
Salvatore Ferragamo clutch

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