a Pre-Valentine look

Pardon the long absence, it's been a busy week for me trying to juggle outfit shoots in between study periods. Yes, your read it right.  In a way, it's the drawback of being in the medical profession
--having to go back to reading the books every now and then, and having to prepare for exams in order for you to get that one more suffix added to your last name (aside from the MD). 
But, hey, I'm back and let's skip the boring topic of studying shall we? 
So, what are your plans for Valentine's day, ladies and gents? More importantly, what outfits have you been thinking of putting on for this romantic day? I haven't thought of anything yet, and I hope you are a tad luckier than me in that department! I have a few ideas though for myself and hopefully I can do a blogpost on that come Valentine's weekend. 
For now, my inspiration for a Valentine's day outfit would be something willowy, something in the shade of red, and something floral (hence, this outfit post). 
Hope you like it! Have a great Tuesday everyone! ♥

Photos: Troy Monsod


Forever 21 blouse
the Ramp skirt
Zara studded heels (as seen here)

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