We're on our Honeymoon!

theClosetCatwalk, Uniqlo, plaid pants, oxfords, Rome, Italy, Honeymoon

Finally! After three years of enjoying married life, my husband and I finally made time and pooled resources to make one of our dreams come true: a honeymoon in Europe! 

Now, to some of you it may seem just nothing special. But to us who are just starting out a small family of our own, slowly building our careers and living off on our humble earnings--it's a big deal. No, it's a huge deal. I personally have saved up for this trip for practically a year. So to finally be able to do it (to be there in the places that we wanted to see, and most of all, to enjoy each other's company) was a truly rewarding and memorable experience for both of us. 

So as the first entry to a series of multiple posts, I'd like to share with you photos 
of the first city on our itinerary: Rome. What a lovely city! And the people were just as lovely.
My only hope is that our photos could give justice to the wonderful sights around this lovely city, such as the Colosseum, Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, Sta. Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni in Laterano.

So here they are. Enjoy!

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theClosetCatwalk, Uniqlo, black boots, camel trench coat, H&M, Rome, Italy, Honeymoon, Europe trip
the Closet Catwalk, camel trench coat, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican, Rome, Italy, Europe, Honeymoon
the Closet Catwalk, Shein sleeveless trench coat, Cotton On
the Closet Catwalk, Colosseo, Rome Italy, Europe Honeymoon
the Closet Catwalk, Colosseum, Shein sleeveless trench coat, black boots
the Closet Catwalk, Europe, Rome Italy Honeymoon the Closet Catwalk, Europe, Rome Italy Honeymoon
the Closet Catwalk, Europe, Rome Italy Honeymoon
the Closet Catwalk, Holy Door, Europe, Rome Italy Honeymoon
the Closet Catwalk, Europe, Rome Italy Honeymoonthe Closet Catwalk, Europe, Rome, Italy, Honeymoon
the Closet Catwalk, Castel Sant'Angelo, Europe, Rome, Italy, Honeymoon, Rome at night
the Closet Catwalk, Europe, Rome, Italy, Honeymoon, Vatican, Pieta 
the Closet Catwalk, Europe, Rome, Italy, Honeymoon, Shein sleeveless trench coat

Thank you for reading!

Photos by Troy M.


Was wearing:
Outfit 1:Yellow scarf and plaid pants from Uniqlo • Bershka coat • Prada sunglasses 
Longchamp bag • Betsy oxfords
Outfit 2: H&M camel trench coat  gray turtleneck blouse and pleated skirt from Uniqlo
statement necklace and black boots from Mango
Outfit 3: Promod cloche  sleeveless trench from Shein  Cotton On sweater dress

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