Put a smile on my face

Today was not a day for good news and celebration. It sucks when, after working hard trying to make it to the end (for two years!), you still can't beat the deadline. It's as if you've waited in line for too long, and when it's finally your turn to hop on the bus, it's already loaded and you had to wait (again) for next one to come. 

I have allowed myself to feel bad about not making the cut for one day, and so now, I'd like to reminisce a good trip so that I could somewhat feel better. So here's to hoping the bright orange scarf, the sunny weather and that cute little puppy can all put a smile on your face, 
the way they did on mine. 

Have a great week ahead everyone! 

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Photos by Troy M.


Was wearing:
the Ramp swimsuit Prada sunglasses 

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