3 Key Tricks to Wearing Floral Pants

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Hi everyone! Well, I don't know about you guys, but that was one busy week last week! As much as I enjoy writing my twice weekly blogposts for you guys, last week just had too much workload for me to handle. Plus, the husband got sick for three days so I was juggling between being the doctor-in-the-house and full-time-housewife. 

But, anyway. Although I have been so behind catching up on my NYFW shows on style.com, I have been noticing the floral trend on the previous ones that I have seen so far: floral skirts, floral shoes, floral collars, even floral hair accents (click here, seriously I loved this!) So let me leave you with this outfit post of a new pair of floral pants I recently found in the Ramp. And some tricks to choosing the right pair of floral pants for you...

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floral pants, the ramp, forever 21 blouse, j Crew nude pumps

Now, floral pants for me are way very tricky. Given my small built and legs-NOT-exactly-for-days, I had to look for the right floral design so my legs wouldn't look any shorter than they already are. 
So here are the tricks I found for women with same built as I am, and who are dying to look great in floral pants: 

1. The dark ones over the bright ones :: Floral pants in the shades of navy blue, dark green or bordeaux look better on short legs than those in mint green, white or pink. 

2. Mums are better than stargazers :: I know stargazers are prettier (and more expensive) than the ordinary mums in real life, but trust me when I say you'd rather be covered from derrière to ankle with smaller blooms like mums, or angel's breath. Having huge stargazers plastered across your thighs tends to accentuate the width rather than the length. 

3. Always pair it with heels :: and never flats. Nuff said. 

floral pants, nude pumps J Crew
Prada baroque, blue, collar forever 21

So what do you guys think?!

Photos by Troy Monsod


Forever 21 blouse
the Ramp floral pants
J Crew nude pumps
Prada baroque sunglasses

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