Summer's here!

Hi everyone! So I know I've been off the grid for quite a while, as some of you might remember the reason that I mentioned in my previous blogpost. But now that exams are partly out of the way (partly, since there's another, more difficult one coming for me this June), I can enjoy again
for now the time I spend on blogposts.

So who's excited for summer?! I know I am! Especially because I have a couple of exciting things lined up for this season, which I am dying to share with you guys. And even though the temperature outside could be unbearably scorching lately, I love that this awesome pair of mirrored Rayban 3025 will be my constant companion throughout the dog days of summer! I've seen it in foreign blogposts as early as January this year, and I fell in love at first sight with it. So, naturally, when these mirrored beauties did come out at our local optical shop, I grabbed the chance to have one of my own. Now I just have to find the perfect outfit to go with it! How do you guys like it? 


Photos: by Jessica M. 

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