the girl in the leopard-print scarf

Because there are still occasional bursts of cold weather in our country, I'm making the most by posting more photos of my favorite scarf. Scarves never fail to give any casual outfit just the right amount of
omph. And animal print scarves definitely make the extra mile. 
In a way, the animal print really never gets old, don't you agree? Year in and year out, there are animalistic elements on and off the runway and the streets, be it shoes, trousers or bags, etc. 
Personally, leopard/cheetah prints are my all-time favorite. What about yours? 

Photos: Troy Monsod


Zara tank top
Kashieca cardigan
Nava scarf
Pepe Jeans London sunnies 
Landmark denim shorts 
Holic accessories in bracelets 

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