For the past few days, I found myself complaining about long working hours, bottomless reports that just keep piling up, difficult cases, difficult bosses, work that needed to be taken home, missing on much needed sleep...and the list goes on. And once again, I found myself going back to the words that seemed to work on me before: that it's all just part of my fellowship training. That after my training finally stops, this whole concept of toxicity will also stop. 

Then the thought of my sister-in-law, who works eight hours a day and then comes home tired but still manages to play with her two kids, comes to my mind. I thought about my brother-in-law who has two days jobs and does Dj stints at night. I thought about my own parents being in their own hectic schedules and they have been doing it for more than 3 decades. 

And that's when I come to the realisation that this will not end when I finish my training. I realise that  many years after I finish my fellowship, I will never run out of new sets of priorities and important things to do--and that toxicity will always be a part of my life. It's all part of being in your thirties...and forties...and fifties, maybe sixties still. Anybody who is career-driven, with goals that he or she intends to follow through, will always welcome toxicity in order to achieve them. 

What's good thing about my life--and I'm sure the other bloggers feel the same way--is that I have blogging to release all my pent-up energies and transform them into better ways to express myself. I believe that it's important for people to have some kind of outlet, whether it be sky-diving, painting, watching the movies, whatever. 
And for those of you who enjoy reading blogs to release all those pent-up energies, I am happy for you. So read on, guys, and hope that my blogpost somehow cheered you up today! 

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