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the Closet Catwalk

These are the amazing people I am so grateful to call my childhood friends. 

Several weeks back, our little group planned a short trip to Punta Fuego, Batangas because our dear friend Connie and her husband came home for a visit from Germany. I have been looking forward to this trip especially since I never got anywhere near the beach during the summer. And I envied all the summer photos I was seeing at blogs and Facebook, etc. 

Little did my sister and I know that the main reason for this barkada trip was because our childhood friends wanted to give us surprise bridal and baby showers! Boy were we surprised! And touched! 

The house we had rented was at Terrazas de Punta Fuego, one of the exclusive subdivisions in the area. It was a lovely house, complete with an infinity pool and a great view to match. We had a relaxing time, except during the times when we were laughing so hard reminiscing at our childhood days. I was having uterine contractions every five minutes from laughing so damn hard! This day will forever be memorable to me, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next trips that we plan to have in the future with these amazing people. 

Have fun with the photos guys! Have a great week ahead!

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the Closet Catwalk
the Closet Catwalk

 ABOVE: Pregnancy sesh by the pool with the hot mommas
the Closet Catwalk

ABOVE: One of our childhood memories was eating iced candy every single day of summer!
the Closet Catwalk
the Closet Catwalk

Thank you so much for reading!

Photos by Troy M. 


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